Indulge in Authentic Japanese Flavors at Norii Ubud

Are you in Ubud and craving the delectable tastes of Japanese cuisine? Look no further than Norii Ubud, a culinary haven that specializes in bringing the essence of Japan to your plate. With its diverse menu choices and the guiding concept of "Flame the Happiness" Norii Ubud promises an unforgettable dining experience that captures the heart of Japanese culinary traditions.

Norii Ubud boasts an impressive menu that celebrates the rich and varied flavors of Japanese cuisine. Their signature dish, the Robatayaki Beef, is a masterpiece that expertly combines wagyu strip loin with charred vegetables, ichimi, garlic chips, spring onion, and yakiniku sauce. This dish is a must-try for anyone looking to experience the perfect blend of textures and tastes.

For those looking for more options, Norii offers a range of tantalizing dishes. Indulge in the Grilled Chicken Oyster Skewers, the Sushi Tuna Salad Crispy Mentai, and the delectable Sashimi Set, each offering a unique explosion of flavors. As for the main course, the Ramen Norii Toro Ramen Dry is a top-notch recommendation that promises to satisfy your cravings.

No dining experience is complete without the perfect drinks to accompany your meal. Norii Ubud presents a carefully curated selection of cocktails that perfectly complement the flavors of their dishes. The Asian Sparkler and Maehama cocktails are expertly crafted to offer a harmonious blend of tastes, enhancing your dining adventure to an entirely new level.

Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner with your partner or a laid-back gathering with friends, Norii Ubud provides the ideal setting. The ambiance is refined yet inviting, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining journey.

Norii Ubud invites you to experience the true essence of Japanese cuisine. Open daily from 14:00 to 23:00, it offers a haven for those seeking the finest flavors of Japan in the heart of Ubud. For reservations and more information, visit their website at or contact them directly at +62 812-3669-6361.

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